Our organization believes in the creative capacity of everyone, whether it is on the performing, fine, illustrative, and liberal arts.
Our desire is to put creativity to good use. We want to encourage, inspire, and motivate those who have a burning passion for creativity inside them. The organization believes in the capacity of the human person to become a creative influence in society and to the rest of the world.
Our vision is to become one of the solid foundations of creativity that endeavors everyone of all ages, gender, race, and …

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Our Work

ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND This council has currently launched programs in...

Church And Dwight

This programme made at the American-owned Church & Dwight beauty and cleaning production centre, and the office was targeted to bring forth employee engagement and improvements in employee productivity through the programme. Creative Folkestone had contacted a creative organisation in 2015 to come up with a programme that would delve into the life and work experiences of Church & Dwight employees to better understand how to improve the employee engagement program of the said company and production centre. Three hundred (300) factory workers and office staffs have been ...

Leicester Ageing Together

The introduction of technology and creativity to the elderly in Leicester has been made possible by the funding of The Baring Foundation’s Digital Arts and Creative Ageing Awards, alongside The Nominet Trust. The study focuses on how these digital tools are capable of bringing creativity and maintain the wellbeing of the old people under the Leicester Ageing Together organisations. Creative organisations have taken action to the study whether these innovations on the Internet, social networking sites, and other digital technologies can truly help older individuals in their ...

Hull City Of Culture

This programme was made in partnership with Hull2017, alongside the City of Culture programme that includes the city of Hull. They focused on how culture is a formidable aspect of society through initiating it to the people, developing it to become their own and having everyone own it. The community has leaned towards creative organizations to create an opportunity for everyone in Hull to recognize their creative flair and celebrate their very own passions. In turn, the programme also seeks the nourishment of this culture to bring forth a moving force to change their views on their ...

Cultural Democracy

Arts Council England has commissioned another round of creative programmes, with the collaboration of creative organisations in the UK, following the success of Everyday Creativity in 2016.
The programme has been designed to be a revolutionary approach to arts and culture and how it engages everyone in an active setting. This focuses on how people count methods and habits as culture, its settings, participation, and the recipient of the given culture. This is no new concept, but this has been around and has been gaining focus in arts and culture. However, this concept has been seen as…

What We Do

Creative Events Promoter and Organiser
We are one of the UK organizations that promote creativity in all forms. We continue to formulate fun, interactive activities that will bring out the creative juices inside our participants and guests. We are also a provider of resources that will introduce, cultivate, and demonstrate the creativity needed by everyone in all aspects of life, whether you are working or studying.
Support and Facilitation to Client Activities
As emissaries of creativity and the arts, we want to use creativity in order to bring on culture change in the …

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The Art of Audio Systems

There are times that seemingly unrelated things are actually connected, and completely different things are actually very similar, depending on how you look at it. You can look here for more details.
For example, it is not completely unheard of to compliment a friend’s ride and to comment on its beautiful car sound system. The same word “beautiful” can be used to describe art and a sound system. Although there doesn’t seem to be a connection between the two, both of them are considered art depending on who you ask.
Sound systems are …

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Advanced Tips to Achieve the Ultimate Artist Website

As an artist, creating an art website can help you showcase your creations to as many people as possible. With enough exposure, you can gain more clients and greater opportunities. However, maintaining your own website is not an easy task. You have to make sure that it is simple and accessible yet interesting enough for fellow artists and potential clients. Lucky for you, we are here to help you. In this article, we give you the dos and don’ts of creating your own ultimate artist website.
Avail a Reliable Web Hosting Service

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Android Texting Apps You Should Be Using as an Artist

As technology continues to advance, our patronization for voice calling API gets bigger and bigger. These mobile apps may be for our own entertainment, profession, or for communication purposes. For artists, this can mean a lot. With recent innovations, you can easily present your works to the world at a seemingly cost-efficient and highly effective approach.
Of course, communication will remain vital, especially if you are working on a commission-based project for your clients. That said, you as an artist should make use of an …

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Arts Council England

The Beginning of the Programme
This council has commissioned 64 million arts, amateur and professional ones, in various art disciplines to create a report that would look at the Everyday Creativity project across England. The council seeks to learn and understand the creative manners of every individual in the country and how to encourage more creative manners to everyday tasks and responsibilities.
The Process of the Study
January to March of 2016 begins the commissioning of the individuals assigned to produce the report. This involves local and national artists, …