Arts Council England

Arts Council England

The Beginning of the Programme

This council has commissioned 64 million arts, amateur and professional ones, in various art disciplines to create a report that would look at the Everyday Creativity project across England. The council seeks to learn and understand the creative manners of every individual in the country and how to encourage more creative manners to everyday tasks and responsibilities.

The Process of the Study

January to March of 2016 begins the commissioning of the individuals assigned to produce the report. This involves local and national artists, cultural organisations, academics, community groups, and local authorities. They are tasked to learn and understand the everyday creativity levels in their respective communities, primarily on ten (10) locations across England. Creative organisations have reviewed and compiled the study and have found all accounts to be genuine and original. Another cultural study in 2018 has been conducted and the results of the study will be released soon.

A report can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

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