Android Texting Apps You Should Be Using as an Artist

Android Texting Apps

Android Texting Apps You Should Be Using as an Artist

As technology continues to advance, our patronization for voice calling API gets bigger and bigger. These mobile apps may be for our own entertainment, profession, or for communication purposes. For artists, this can mean a lot. With recent innovations, you can easily present your works to the world at a seemingly cost-efficient and highly effective approach.

Of course, communication will remain vital, especially if you are working on a commission-based project for your clients. That said, you as an artist should make use of an effective means to communicate with your clients – one of them is via SMS with the help of Android texting apps.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Android texting apps for you:

  • Go SMS Pro – approximately 10 million users use this app. Go SMS Pro is very customizable and simple. It can go according to what you need, from its appearance up to the encryption of your messages.
  • Textra – this is a very lightweight application as it only occupies 3 MB of your storage. Aside from that, it is also available and free for everyone. It can also be customized, and its floating notification is a plus!
  • Google Messenger – this is basically Google’s version of a messenger. It’s very convenient to use, and it even includes file sharing and media sharing! Like Textra, Google Messenger is also free.
  • Sliding Messenger – from the name itself, it features various functions such as a unique screen navigation like sliding the screen. The gestures and navigation style of this app help users use the app with ease. However, it’s not available for free.
  • WhatsApp – with over 900 million users, and still growing, WhatsApp definitely deserves a spot on this list. WhatsApp is famous for its Group chat feature. It also has the function of sending messages from your PC browser, which can be considered a very helpful way of accessing the app.
  • Viber – with this app, you can create a group chat with over 200 participants. Viber is known for its feature which allows users to do video calling. This app is completely free from PlayStore.
  • Telegram – for security purposes, Telegram is a trusted application in protecting your messages. Group chats are also being offered. Encrypting and synchronizing messages are a plus!
  • Facebook Messenger – the social media behemoth’s instant messenger, this app is used by over 1.4 billion users while connecting to them through the main Facebook application. Facebook Messenger has a lot of functions like media sharing and video/voice chatting.
  • GroupMe – from the name itself, this app exists for creating group chats. This app is totally free and accessible to every user.
  • WeChat – this application totally rocks your group chats with over 500 users to be added. It is also completely free and offers various feature likes FriendRadar, People Nearby, and Shake Features, all of which are helpful in finding new people.


If you’re an artist, these apps will definitely help you connect with your clients. Moreover, as they all support SMS features, you can easily contact them via texting for free as long as you’re connected to the internet.

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