Why Watching Science Fiction Helps You To Be More Creative?

Watching Science Fiction

Why Watching Science Fiction Helps You To Be More Creative?

Producing creative ideas every day requires good energy. The weird thing is that creativity is the same as a ridiculous matter that you can’t establish its existence, but you can only feel it. According to altadefinizione, Each one of us has its way of being creative. An excellent way to gain ideas and develop your creativity is through watching movies/TV online, especially sci-fi motion pictures.

Now, to give back this claim up that watching science fiction movies can genuinely enhance your creativity, here are the studies conducted by two premier universities regarding this topic.

Harvard University

Creativity can be achieved by only doing nothing and wait. Your brain should continuously be working like contemplating something. However, it must not be forced. You may find it complicated, but it’s just how things work. It is the reason why viewing a film can assist you with visualizing something inadvertently and have the chance to discover thoughts that have not crossed your mind yet.

Furthermore, according to research from Harvard University, those who read lots of fictional stories have better social skills compare to the non-fictional reader. This also applies when watching science-fiction shows, the brain’s training components are more engaged in to be compassion and creative thinking than non-fiction.

Lancaster University

Based on a study by Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, watching Harry Potter movies can help kids to develop their creativity. The motive of the investigation was to find out if there was a connection between wizardly like thinking and creativeness in school. The results were there certainly was. Fifty-two, four to six years old students participated in the study. The children were divided into two groups and placed in a different room. The first group was made to watch a 15-minute clip with magical scenes from Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. On the other hand, the other group also watched a clip from a similar film but without magical scenes.

The results indicated that the group of kids who watched clips with magical content recorded considerably better scores compare to the other children who viewed Harry Potter scenes without magic involved.

Researchers from the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University spearheaded by Dr. Eugene Subbotsky came up with a conclusion that when children are exposed to supernatural content, they enable them to produce extraordinary, unreal worlds. Dr. Subbotsky added that because of this, the kids’ ability to interpret things around them and how they react to them from multiple standpoints are enhanced. These findings, in general, enabled them to establish that watching science-fiction or fantasy films like Harry Potter helps to broaden the human’s imagination and be more creative.


There are many things from these sci-fi movies that can be the source of new ideas. From the storyline to the setting, lighting, and movie soundtrack, these components can make you create out of this world things but can be achieved. On top of that, science fiction genre films are enjoyable, exciting, and you’ll witness impossible things you’ve always thought will never happen.

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