Enhancing the Artist Creative Mindset with CBD

Artist Creative Mindset with CBD

Enhancing the Artist Creative Mindset with CBD

Buying and trying CBD products are one of the rising therapeutic solutions in the market today. From pain relief to calming epilepsy, this substance holds a lot of potential for medical and pharmaceutical use to achieve health and well-being. In addition to being a medical hit in most households around the world, CBD is also known to be a good substance for relaxation. Those who take this non-psychoactive substance are known to experience a wave of calmness. With that, it can be said that cbd oil for anxiety may help artists achieve a more calm and creative intuition and mindset.

What is in CBD that generates the calming effect?

This cannabinoid compound, bearing less than 0.3% THC, is not just non-psychoactive but also aids in physical relief. Its earth-like taste resembles mint or cinnamon and is commonly mixed with beverages like coffee, tea, cocktails, and even mixed with food such as desserts, soups, and baked products to bring its relieving effects to anyone who consumes it.

A primary care physician, Dr. Peter Grinspoon, also backed the effectivity of CBD to heal inflammations, sores, seizures, epilepsies, and even relieve depression and anxiety. Most companies are also moving towards the infusion of CBD on their products, especially with fitness drinks, supplements, and other soluble and edible products to bring its benefits to everyone.

How the calming effect is influencing creativity in any artist?

The famous Recess seltzers are infused with CBD that intends to increase creativity by making the mind calm and less anxious. Mowellens, the Los Angeles wellness company manufactures products that targets creative minds to use their high-quality CBD products. Amy Duncan, the CEO, and owner of Mowellens attested to the use of CBD to enhance her creativity and allow her to connect oneself to distinct concepts.

Why is this not used as a mainstream substance for artistry?

The testimonies are irrefutable as many have attested to the effectivity of CBD products, especially the use of CBD oil, balm, and other CBD-infused products to relieve the mind with its calming effect. This thus adds to the creativity a person experiences that allows him or her to connect to reimagine and explore innovative ideas and concepts.

However, there has been less significant study that connects the increase of creativity and the calming effect of CBD products. This is primarily because of state regulations concerning the use of cannabis and cannabis-derived substances, including CBD. As of this moment, CBD has already been declared as a legal substance for medical use. All information related to the claims are based on testimonies which is refutable as creativity is derived from many aspects. Nonetheless, it is also not denied that taking in CBD oil, balm, or even the famous Recess seltzer does in fact help artists get back on track.


While the claims are all taken as truth, a concrete study has yet to take place once the legal enforcement has been lifted off the use of CBD products. Nonetheless, there are still doctors who back the use of CBD. However, it is advisable to stay on the safe side. If you intend to take even the slightest amount or dosage of CBD, perhaps it would be best to consult with a doctor first.

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