Month: September 2020

Great DIY Dog

Great DIY Dog Toy Ideas You Can Make at Home

Aside from giving quality dog food one must read the review of Pet Plate. Giving toys to your dogs is important to make them feel active, happy, and not bored. Nevertheless, you do not need to spend much on buying them toys. Here are some great DIY toy ideas for your dogs.
Ball Tug
If you have an old shirt, you can turn this to a dog toy. Aside from an old shirt, you need scissors and a tennis ball to create a ball tug. You just need to lay the shirt flat and cut it into three. Then, you wrap the ball in the 2 …

Play an Instrument

Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

Do you love music? Are you planning to learn to play an instrument? This article by is for you. Here are the main reasons why you should start taking up music lessons:

It Helps You Become Smarter

Learning to play an instrument can improve your cognitive ability because it involves remembering where chords and notes are and how to read the music sheet. Thus, your brain will be more familiar with learning. Your mind will be regularly stimulated, which helps in grasping new…