Great DIY Dog Toy Ideas You Can Make at Home

Great DIY Dog

Great DIY Dog Toy Ideas You Can Make at Home

Aside from giving quality dog food one must read the review of Pet Plate. Giving toys to your dogs is important to make them feel active, happy, and not bored. Nevertheless, you do not need to spend much on buying them toys. Here are some great DIY toy ideas for your dogs.

Ball Tug

If you have an old shirt, you can turn this to a dog toy. Aside from an old shirt, you need scissors and a tennis ball to create a ball tug. You just need to lay the shirt flat and cut it into three. Then, you wrap the ball in the 2 cut pieces. To put the toy together, you use the smallest piece. You can cut the remaining cloth into strips and tie them together.

Dog Feeder

To make a durable dog feeder, you need to have a PVC pipe. A dog feeder is a great toy since it can keep your dog entertained by trying to get the treats inside the feeder. If you are not very handy, you might need to ask for assistance since you need to drill. It is best to drill when you have a clamp to hold it securely. Using sandpaper, rub the edges of the pipe to smoothen it. Once the edges are smooth, you place the pipe in your dishwasher to clean it. After, you can place PVC caps on the holes.

Plastic Bottle Tug

If you still tend to use plastic bottles, this DIY dog toy project is ideal for you. Instead of throwing it away, you can try making a tug toy. You can use any bed sheet that is around 1 yard. You cut 4 strips that are an inch wide. These 4 strips will be the ties. The fabric left is used to cover the bottle. To secure it, you use the 4 strips. Then, you cut excess fabric and braid.

Shirt Rope

This is another great project for old shirts. You can use these shirts to make a shirt yard. This is very simple because it is made from thin and long shirt strips that look cool once braided. Nevertheless, there is a particular way of braiding this toy. You need 12 yarn strings that are 1 to yards long. You braid these strings similar to how you would make a friendship bracelet. You can check tutorials on YouTube to see how to do it.

Apple Pie Iced Dog Treats

You might be wondering why there are dog treats on this list. These iced treats are popsicles that are toys and treats at the same time. You only need three ingredients to concoct these yummy frozen yogurt toy treats. Any shape for this treat is okay, but you can also use a silicone mold. Your dog will not mind the shape as long as it is yummy for them. You put ½ cup of unsweetened apple sauce and ½ cup of yogurt in a bowl and mix them. You can also puree some apples instead of using apple sauce. Place the mixture in a mold and freeze.

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