14 Ways For Your Art To Be Noticed On Instagram

Art To Be Noticed On Instagram

14 Ways For Your Art To Be Noticed On Instagram

Instagram has hundreds of millions of unique users worldwide and definitely, there are audiences here that you can reach with your art. Whatever your style is, you will eventually be appreciated. If you are just starting out, here are 14 ways in order to make your art recognizable on Instagram.

  • Set Up An Appealing Instagram Profile

They say first impressions last. But it is more impactful if you remain humble from your rocky start to your comfortable state of success. Start simply yet leave room for intrigue.

  • Beautify Your Feed

When you are posting your art, make it also artistic as well. It should be enough to highlight your artwork but at the same time, you impress the viewers with a professional presentation.

  • Post Consistently

Once you pique the interests of your viewers, they will want more content from you.

If you gauge that it will take time for you to be inspired, then pace your postings accordingly.

  • Follow Other Artists

In order to be appreciated, learn also to appreciate. If you like a certain artist and the artwork produced, don’t hesitate to follow him/her. If other viewers recognize that you follow an artist they knew, they will also start to notice you.

  • Be Involved In Art Community

Join art communities and share your thoughts and appreciation with fellow artists. Leave an appropriate reaction and even a constructive comment.

  • Use Hashtags

Hashtagging is a very useful feature similar to hyperlinking but utilize catchy words and phrases preceded by the number sign instead. Having hashtags expose your post to different groups of audiences.

  • Aim To Be Featured On Art-Sharing Pages Of Instagram

There are pages dedicated to sharing posts about artworks. Plenty of viewers opt to follow them because of the variety they contain. As you are posting your finished product, try to constantly improve as an artist in order to be featured by these pages.

  • Collaborate With Other Artists

If you have gained a nod from fellow artists, you can try to reach them for collaboration. Your combined work will attract more followers and you can promote inspiration to others as well because of your professionalism and adaptability.

  • Host A Giveaway Artwork

Certain artworks like drawings and paintings have this so-called ‘commissions’ where they accept payment to deliver the desired output required by the one paying. You can make artwork and have them given free to maybe a loyal reactor or a follower who won your trivia game.

  • Utilize Other Social Media Platforms

Instagram is not the only social media platform. You can share your artwork on Facebook and more. There might be great audiences that happen to use other platforms besides Instagram.

  • Learn Something New From Fellow Artists

Now that you are following artists of your choice, there is no harm to learn new, applicable methods. If the artist you followed has a massive audience, the more you will be encouraged to learn and study his/her strategies.

  • Use Instagram Stories

Instagram story is a feature where a viewer can see what you are expressing at any time between the 24-hour period. Stories are easily accessible for random users of Instagram rather than to scroll hard on your profile and this makes it a quick promotional option.

  • Utilize The Tagging Feature

Tagging can be a bit tricky but it enables you to credit someone for a certain achievement. Utilize the feature to connect other people who made an impact on your potential story.

  • Don’t Overthink About Followers

Gaining followers may be important but do not forget that you use social media to promote your art. Focus first on your personal objectives rather than commercial success.


Now that your artistic creation is displayed on the news feed, you have to be ready for negative comments and the possibility of using it for other purposes not beneficial to you. Lastly, do it for the sake of self-improvement and not only for income generation.

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