Church And Dwight

Church And Dwight

This programme made at the American-owned Church & Dwight beauty and cleaning production centre, and the office was targeted to bring forth employee engagement and improvements in employee productivity through the programme.

Creative Folkestone had contacted a creative organisation in 2015 to come up with a programme that would delve into the life and work experiences of Church & Dwight employees to better understand how to improve the employee engagement program of the said company and production centre.

Three hundred (300) factory workers and office staffs have been invited to attend the programme, though it had initially started to forty (40) staffs in order to tinker about the programme that all can take part in consecutive sessions.

Creative challenges within the ten-week period were launched and participants were assigned to teams who will do the challenges together. Twenty (20) minutes of extra break time can be used by the teams to do the challenge and share what they have learned from the said challenges.

The results came in extraordinarily and a video of Church & Dwight creative challenge program is posted on YouTube for other people to see how creativity in this type of workplace can do wonders.